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Synopsis – The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois;
Aaron Sorkin;
671 vote;
Creators – Aaron Sorkin;
2 h 9 m;
year – 2020

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There are so many reasons NOT to compare the protests in 1968 to the current violence of today. In 1968, we did NOT burn down cities, destroy and loot businesses, attack innocent by-standers or kill police. We had leaders with a purpose – the END the Vietnam War, fight FOR civil rights for ALL Americans. Yes, the police acted horribly in Chicago, on the Kent State campus, BUT these were all PEACEFUL legal and constitutionally protected protests – not the wild violent anarchy we’ve seen today that has no leaders, no goals except destruction and won’t accomplish anything except create more violence and bloodshed.


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An enjoyable and very timely treatment of the sequence of events, from the ’68 Chicago convention protests through to the completion of the main trial, with the deft touch of Aaron Sorkin providing appropriate gravitas and depth. First-class performances, although at least two of the characters who I personally met in meetings decades ago, Ramsey Clark (I spent several days with him when he was a controversial trouble-shooting NYC international attorney in 1990) and Jerry Rubin (in a small informal campus discussion group, as a protest leader in 1970) in no way resembled the actors who play them in the film, Michael Keaton and Jeremy Strong respectively. It’s quite a switch seeing Strong, well-deserved Emmy winner as the emotionally unstable media executive Kendall Roy in Succession, playing a Yippie leader, but hey Jerry Rubin became a successful stockbroker later on in life which makes the link between the roles credible.

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